Wed, Oct. 10th, 2018

        I am just finishing up with the final details of the website before launching.  Just had my huge cup of coffee in my favorite Wonder Woman cup.  As I sip the sweet nectar of the gods, I am listening to the Descendents album Hypercaffium Spazzinate which in my humble opinion sounds as good as their first.  I picked up the vinyl at their show at Showbox Sodo in Seattle last week and have listened to it now a few times, and it is awesome!  

       Anyway, I have put together this website to hopefully perpetuate my art in this crazy world that we are living in.  It is my hope that I can create something to change even one person's day for the better.  Try to make some kind of difference.  There are so many influences in this world that cause fear, hate, and a great divide between us.  I want to be part of the revolution that fights against that every day.  I am not perfect but I ask you to stand with me against those who go against basic human rights and the humanity and morality of what it means to be human.  We all live in this world together, we all bleed red, and we all need to be loved and understood.  Instead of focusing on the things that make us different and creating separation, I ask you to take the time to see a different point of view, ask questions so you have a better understanding.  Don't take things you hear or read as gospel truth, do research and seek out the truth.  Take a moment to lend a helping hand to those less fortunate, even something as small as holding the door for someone, or carrying groceries for someone that looks like they need some help.  It is up to us to make a change and shift our perception of what is possible.  Be aware of what is happening, gain knowledge, but above all don't give up hope! There are so many out there that want to make a change in this world, YOU are not alone!  

      Until next time, keep your chin up and walk with your head held high!